Judicial Extern Program – Summer I and II

Professor Carol Anderson sponsors two summer sessions of the Judicial Extern Program.  Students who enroll receive 3 pass/fail credit hours (graded on the new scale, Honors, Pass, Low Pass, Fail)  for successful completion of the course. Evidence is suggested as a good background for the course but is not required.  Because the course offers academic credit, tuition must be paid.  Financial aid is available for summer school courses.

Most students placed through the Judicial  Extern Program work with state district court judges in Winston-Salem.  They may also recruit their own mentoring judge ANYWHERE if the judge is willing to follow our program’s guidelines.  For instance, if you have lined up an unpaid summer clerkship with a judge in your home town or another state,  and would like to receive academic credit, you may do that through the Judicial Extern Program.