North Carolina State Bar Student Certification

To:  Students Seeking Certification as a Legal Intern through the North Carolina State Bar

To qualify as a certified legal intern in North Carolina, you must have completed three semesters at your law school and be in good academic standing; with the requisite character, abilities and training to practice law. You must read the NC State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct. You must also have a qualified supervising attorney.

          Certification requires 3 documents (See LINKS to documents below)

  1. Law School Certification form signed by your law school Dean or Dean’s Designee.
  1. A Student Certification form that you complete, affirming that you’ve read the N. C. State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct.
  1. A letter from your supervising attorney stating that s/he will supervise you in accordance with the North Carolina State Bar Rules Governing Practical Training of Law Students.

Ideally, all 3 pieces of paper are sent to the NC State Bar in one group. If not, please include a message to Ms. Miani stating when she can expect the remaining document(s), and from whom.

Mailing Address:   Ms. Dottie Miani, Student Practice Registrar, The North Carolina State Bar, PO Box 25908, Raleigh, NC 27611

Fed Ex Address:  Ms. Dottie Miani, The North Carolina State Bar, 208 Fayetteville Street Mall, Raleigh, NC  27601, Phone:  (919) 828-4620, ext. 421

E-mail Address Ms. Miani at


You may also Fax the documents (919) 828-9168, Attn:  Ms. Dottie Miani.


  1. The Assistant Dean normally signs the law school certification form for Wake Forest Law students. The Dean and Executive Associate Dean may also sign the form. The Associate Registrar has also signed the form as a Dean’s Designee upon occasion. Registrar’s office personnel may prepare the form for whomever is going to sign it. Though the form is simple to fill out, the student’s law school file must be checked to ensure good standing before signature by any of the authorized persons. Click the link below for the form.

Law School Certification Form for NC State Bar

  1. A copy of the N. C. Student Certification Form is linked below. You’ll find the NC State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct, which you must read before signing the form, at www.ncbar.


  1. Your supervising attorney probably has a standard letter to send the State Bar. If not, here’s a link to a go-by.

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