North Carolina State Bar Student Certification


The North Carolina State Bar student certification process is detailed in the Rules Governing the Practical Training of Law Students, 27 NC Admin. Code 1C, Sections .0200 through .0207.

To qualify as a certified legal intern for both clinics and field placements in North Carolina, you must have completed three semesters of law school, be in good academic standing, and possess the requisite character, abilities, and training to practice law. You must have a qualified supervising attorney who is willing to mentor you. You must also certify that you have read the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Certification requires the following three forms.

  1. Law School Certification
  2. Law Student Certification
  3. Supervising Attorney Statement or Field Placement Site Supervisor Statement


All three forms are available for download at NC Bar Forms.

Completed forms can be returned via email to the North Carolina State Bar at the designated email address: The originals do NOT have to be mailed to the North Carolina State Bar.