U.S. Attorney’s Office – MDNC

United States Attorney’s Office – MDNC.  Students work an average of 11 hours per week for the entire semester. Placement at the U. S. Attorney’s Office fulfills BOTH civil and criminal law requirements of the Litigation Clinic.  Normally, two students are selected each semester for this placement.  Each student placed with the U. S. Attorney’s office must complete and pass a stringent national security clearance.

Students placed with the USAO write briefs and do research as assigned.  They may also prepare witnesses, argue motions, appear in hearings, and on rare occasions may participate in full trials in federal court.  The two students placed at the USAO have distinct rotations:  one-half of the semester is spent primarily in Winston-Salem and the other half primarily in Greensboro.  The students exchange places mid-semester, which reduces driving time and gives a broader view of the work and operations of a multi-city, multi-county legal organization with national oversight.